Age of Fables is old school and by 'old school', I mean, 'back before computers were an entertainment staple and we were still engrossed in 'choose your own adventure' books' kind of old school. A surprisingly engrossing throwback to the days of Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf, Age of Fables is a gloriously phantasmagoric romp through a world both strange and familiar.

The mechanics behind Age of Fables are simple enough. After determining your avatar's portrait and their statistics, you'll be thrown into Karrakara, the 'greatest city of the world'. It's also one of the most peculiar that I've ever encountered. Where else would you be able to cross paths with the Hair Witch Project one moment only to run into a prince on a magic carpet in the next? Age of Fables is a mixture of Planescape, real-world mythology and modern pop-culture with the faintest hint of the NeverEnding Story for good measure.

I can't recommend it enough. Free to play, eloquently written and filled with some of the strangest scenarios I've seen in a long while, Age of Fables is definitely something you should check out at least once.

To check it out, you can go here.