GameClay and Noonat's latest offering is a beautifully organic and somewhat unusual take on real-time strategy. Instead of dimunitive troops, you have geometrical shapes that pinwheel through a Tron-inspired landscape. Battles are fast, frantic and silent except for the screech of lasers; it's a war of microbes rather than a clash of armies.

Enforcing that sentiment is the fact that there is very little in the way of exposition in Blipzkrieg. I couldn't help but wish there was more. There's just something about being told that 'your battle suit is ready' that makes me crave more of a narrative.

Elegant in its simplicity, Blipzkrieg gets surprisingly hard towards the latter levels. A lot of the levels hinge upon both luck and the steadiness of your hand as you sketch a path to the portal.

Worth a play? Definitely. You can check it out here at Armor Games.