Although Kingdom Rush doesn't bring anything new to the table, it's still really freakin' cute. Developed by Ironhide Games, Kingdom Rush has all the bells and whistles expected of a tower-defense game. There are upgrades, towers to build, spells to cast, an expansive cast of teeny, tiny troops and a host of equally dimunitive enemies. On top of that, the game also boasts of a surprising amount of polish in terms of its presentation. Then again, I might be a tad bit biased towards the fact my little infantrymen go 'POW' each time they engage a foe.

Have I mentioned the game's really, really cute? And engaging? And harder than the sugary-sweet visuals might implicate? Of course, I could just suck at things like this.

Either way, Kingdom Rush definitely deserves a play so head down to Armor Games now and check it out.