superpuzzleplatformer.pngSuper Puzzle Platformer mixes falling block puzzles and match-3 with platforming to utterly satisfying effect. You are a stumpy caped hero with a laser who must survive by keeping the stacks down, while also making sure not to fall into the spikes below.

As blocks fall, he must dodge them and then shoot coloured blocks to destroy all the blocks of the same colour attached to that particular one. The more you allow to fall, the more will build up allowing for more explosive combos, but be warned - if the blocks reach the top, you lose.

Similarly, if you misjudge a jump or destroy a block beneath your feet, you may fall into the spikes below and die. As you destory blocks, you'll also build up a combo meter at the top, but if a block falls on your head, then the meter will go down. There's also special blocks that all want to kill you. It's beautifully hectic, and ultimately replayable. The music is also a bit lovely.

Super Puzzle Platformer is a game you should play. Give it a try over at Andrew's site.