[Note: This is a revised article about Mamono no Iseki, which was translated to English recently.]

The Haunted Ruins is a first-person maze exploration game with RPG elements, created in the style of the classic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons releases like Dungeon Master and the Eye of the Beholder series. Defeating enemies in the dungeon rewards you with experience points, and your hero automatically levels up whenever a certain amount of EXP is reached.

Returning to town allows you to shop for food, bombs and poison antidotes, or you can pay the blacksmith a visit to upgrade your weapon and armor. There are three ways to restore health while you're in the dungeon - cast a healing spell (called Recov), eat a piece of meat or level up your character to receive full mana and health. Progress is saved in your browser cache, and you can resume your last adventure by selecting the continue option at the title screen.

The Haunted Ruins is available to play at Gamedesign's site.