I'll be honest - while I do enjoy the occasional tower defence game, I find that a lot of the latest browser-based ones found on the likes of Newgrounds and Kongregate are all a little samey, with not much thought put into actually expanding on the core idea. When a new tower offence game receives nearly half a million plays in under a week, then, the part of my brain that holds intrigue goes ping.

Villainous is indeed a clever take on the tower defence genre, with you controlling the attackers rather than the towers. Of course this has been done many times before, but Villainous takes it one step further - rather than playing levels to win them, you start with a horribly understaffed army, and slowly rise through the ranks by losing many times over. As you lose, you'll gain infamy, allowing you to build up your HQ, and ultimately receive more recruits and more powerful soldiers.

The order you spawn your army in is very important too, as most of the units are support units, taking one for the team, while your goblins can rush in and loot the villages. If, like me, you've grown a little tired of recent TD games, give Villainous a try.