Where I Go At Night is a local two-player versus game that features both players controlling the same character. In the day time, player one controls a man as he puts up barricades and prepares his town for night-time. As the moons comes up, the man is transformed into a werewolf, and player two takes over, destroying the town and killing as many people as he or she can before the sun comes up.

The man needs to essentially put as many obstacles in the werewolf's way as possible to keep the kill count to a minimum, while also searching the nearby houses for potions which give him score. The werewolf needs to smash down as many doors as possible, as you'll find that villagers take refuge in houses at night.

After three rounds, roles swap and each player must then have three goes at being the other side of the carnage. It's a brilliant idea, and well worth grabbing a friend and sitting down together for. I'd absolutely love to see an online version of this created - in fact, it would possibly be great as a bigger title, with perhaps 8 players controlling 4 different characters as a 4v4 style of game. Make sure you check this out.