dead cyborg.jpg

Cass first spotted Dead Cyborg in April, when the first episode was roughly halfway complete. Developer Barathe Endre now sends word that Dead Cyborg Episode 1: The Beginning of the Death is available to download from his site.

The game is an exploration adventure title that sees you waking up in an unknown shuttle cabin, not knowing how you got there, or who was originally also in your cabin. By reading holocubes and figuring out puzzles that allow you to explore more of your surroundings, you'll be able to piece the situation together and work out what exactly is going on.

The controls are pretty strange. Rather than using the mouse to look and the keyboard to move, the WASD keys moves you around, while the arrow keys look. It's also pretty difficult to work out how to solve the various puzzles, and I found myself stuck in the vicinity of the starting area for a good 15 minutes before I worked it out.

Episode 1 is ready for you to grab, and episode 2 is half done, so I'd guess a release in roughly 3 months time. Download the game, and consider donating to Barath if you enjoy it.