Dig-N-Rig is an amazing DigiPen student project game that puts you in control of Diggit 6400, a mining robot that has several digging tools at its disposal. Your task here is to dig all the way to the center of the earth, mining and collecting minerals along the way so that better equipment can be purchased from the lab. This means building a series of scoopers and conveyor belts to transport the minerals back to your base of operations, where they are processed and turned into rare elements for research and upgrade purposes.

Your robot is controlled using wi-fi, so going too far without upgrading your communication device can be hazardous to our mechanical friend. If the robot is ever destroyed, fear not: it'll cost you just 500 metaloid elements to rebuild a new one. Changing the direction of your conveyor belt is also possible by left-clicking on it directly, and you can draw a selection rectangle (with the right mouse button) over a couple of rig tools to recycle them for later use. Reaching the core may take some time, so don't feel shy about take a couple of breaks and save your game every once in a while.

You can find a download link for Dig-N-Rig at DigiPen's site.