Momodora II is the sequel to rdein's 2D platformer Momodora which was just released one year ago, set in the same world as the previous game but with a new protagonist to control this time around. You play as Momo, a shrine maiden from the KoHo village, sent on a mission to defeat the Underworld Queen who is causing problems to nearby villages.

Momo starts out with just a basic maple leaf swing attack, but during the adventure she will discover and gain new abilities like the double-jump technique and a long-range charm weapon that is useful for keeping enemies at bay. Maximum health can be increased as well by collecting love letters contained in treasure chests. Should you find yourself lost inside the labyrinth of caves, there's also a map that you can bring up to view by holding down the shift key.

If you love the first game in the series, then you will be very happy with what Momodora 2 has to offer: improved graphics, better gameplay, but also more of the same stuff that everyone expects to find in an enjoyable exploration platformer. Don't miss out on this one folks. You can grab Momodora 2 from Elektrobear's site.