Station 37 is a 2D platform game made by Francis Coulombe and Monster King during a recent Toronto Game Jam meet, where you play as a firefighter who must rescue civilians from a widespread fire that seems to be engulfing the whole city. This means putting out fire with your trusty extinguisher, splitting doors apart with your handy axe, and carrying the survivors you find on your shoulders as you try to bring them out of the burning building.

The foam from your fire extinguisher can be aimed using the arrow keys, and should you run out it can be replenished by picking up one of the glowing extinguisher icons found sporadically throughout the level. Health is also restored by grabbing the slightly-rarer first aid kit, but not to worry if you can't find a way out and get consumed by the fire - the game has a couple of invisible checkpoints that'll save your progress automatically while you're playing.

Even though the overworld map tries to lead you to think otherwise, Station 37 is a pretty short game, and can be beaten in the span of about half an hour or so. The game is available to download from Francis Coulombe's site.