Super Grape Adventures is a fun yet frustrating 2D platformer that punishes players heavily for even the slightest mistake - if you fail a jump or get hurt by an enemy at any time, all of your collectibles are taken away and you'll have to replay the same level right from the beginning. That may sound a little unfair, but there are only a few rooms to explore in each of the eight stages included, and it usually takes less than two or three minutes to collect everything which you had just lost. Players may not be that forgiving when it comes to the controls though: it's slippery as heck, and landing on a one-tile platform after a jump can turn out to be a real test of your patience.

The Z key can be used to locate an exit once you're done gathering up all of the radioactive items, and holding down the X key allows you to view surrounding areas (helpful when trying to inspect what lies ahead in the next screen). Players can also switch between windowed and full screen mode with the F key.

Super Grape Adventures is available to download from GameJolt.