Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Destructoid: Dyad Preview
"Dyad is a self-described 'abstract racing game' in development for PlayStation Network. The existence of Dyad is why I proudly spend so much of my gaming time on digital platforms, where riskier design is embraced. You never truly know quite what you're going to get, which is absolutely true of Dyad."

PlayStation Blog: Limbo Comes to PSN on July 19th
"It has been one year since Limbo originally launched, and that year has been an incredible time for everyone at Playdead. We are happy, on the mark of Limbo's birthday, to bring the experience further and share it with even more people. We will be releasing the game on the PS3 through the PlayStation Network starting July 19th."

Develop Conference: Indie Showcase Top Ten Games Revealed
"The Develop Conference today announced the ten games shortlisted to be on display within the Indie Showcase running from 20-21 July in the Develop Expo in Brighton. The winning game as chosen by the judges will be announced at 1.30pm on Thursday 21 July."

DIYgamer: Second Semester of Indie Open House Coming Soon
"IGN and GameSpy Technology have once again opened its doors to the independent game community by way of the Indie Open House. Developers can vie for free office space, technology, peer support and consultation with GameSpy Tech in exchange for practically nothing. The deadline for applications for the second round is August 1, with the second residency term beginning September 12."

Alternative Magazine Online: In Conversation With Dan Marshall
"Size Five Games' (formerly Zombie Cow Studios) critically acclaimed titles Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! are in many ways leading the charge in the adventure genre. We spoke with the studio's founder, Dan Marshall, about the pricing structure of their adventure games, how much commercial success they had from it, and what spurred on the decision for their studio name change."

Touch Arcade: Celestial Mechanica Interview With Roger Hicks
"Celestial Mechanica is a brand new fantastic indie game that has the internet buzzing with excitment. Roger Hicks, developer and composer for Celestial Mechanica had a chance to answer a few of our interview questions via e-mail."

Demruth: 10 Competitions, 10 Nominations, PAX10 Get
"Back in 2009, I was just some dude who made a game (Hazard: The Journey Of Life), looking at other successful independent developers and wondering how they were any different to me. Some were older, some had long industry backgrounds, some had more resources than me, but I couldn't really work out how any of that stuff actually mattered."

Game Breakers: Bastion Interview With Greg Kasavin
"Of all the great games we have coming out this year, one of the ones I'm most excited about is Bastion, the stylish action/rpg title is the first from Supergiant Games. I recently had a chance to pose some of my burning questions to writer and Creative Director Greg Kasavin, and he was kind enough to oblige me. Here's what he had to say."

Vlambeer: Serious Design
"Let's talk about the design of Serious Sam: the Random Encounter. We basically wanted to make an old-school RPG, stripped of all nonsense. Our goal would be having the in-game characters perform exactly the same actions as a player in Serious Sam would be doing. This means battles with over 400 enemies."