Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Gamasutra: The Solitary Creativity of Pixel
"An extensive interview with Cave Story developer Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya, in which he expounds on his inspirations, creative philosophy, and the thoughts and feelings which lead him to develop the 2004 indie game."

Experimental Gameplay Project: Disintegrate in July
"While last month's theme was about combining multiple elements in new and delightful ways, this month's is about reducing said elements to nothing. Your challenge for July 2011, developers, is to make a game around the theme: Disintegrate."

GameSetWatch: New Comic-based Game From Daniel Benmergui
"Benmergui just unveiled his next game, Storyteller, which he says is his most ambitious project yet. It's essentially a storytelling puzzle videogame based on comics, and is designed to be more gamey than Today I Die and memorable multi-ending title I Wish I Were the Moon."

Polarcade: Simon Stafsnes Andersen from D-Pad Studio Interviewed
"Norwegian D-Pad Studio is an award-winning game company who is currently working on their first big game, Owlboy. Polarcade decided to get in touch with Simon Stafnes Andersen, one of company's founders, and ask him about their past, present and future."

Indie Games Channel: Robin Arnott on Deep Sea, Sensory Deprivation
"Deep Sea is a horror game that takes place in total darkness in an aquatic setting. That pitch-black darkness is achieved through the mask, with the game taking place entirely through audio cues. Robin Arnott was happy to share more information about Deep Sea, the importance of sound design, and his overall experience at this year's E3."

Gamasutra: Mojang's Scrolls To Follow Minecraft Launch Strategy
"At the Gamasutra-attended Gamelab 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, Mojang Specification's Daniel Kaplan dropped a few new details about the future of its hit online game Minecraft, and the studio's next project, Scrolls, which was revealed at the last GDC."

Indie Games Channel: Super Meat Boy dev discusses next game
"Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat is already working away on its next game, which the indie describes as being of a more experimental and ambitious design than its breakout hit."

Gamasutra: 15 iPhone Game Observations, Before and After
"I spent a lot of time playing iPhone/iPad games to do some research as I dipped into iPhone game development. When I got a lot more familiar with the App Store's nuances and what other games are doing in general, I wrote up 15 observations to mull over as an iPhone game developer."

Experimental Gameplay Project: Mashup Roundup
"This month's mix of mashups made for many intriguing mixtures. Often when this kind of combining and reworking goes on some very interesting gameplay can emerge, and that was no exception for this month. Let's check out what's brewing in these 11 games."

Leukocyt Blog: Interview with Supergiant Games
"Supergiant Games is a small indie studio based in California, and Bastion is their first title. Greg Kasavin, the Creative Director at Supergiant Games, and Jen Zee, the artist behind Bastion's art direction, answered a few of our questions about their upcoming action RPG for the XBLA."