I had a lot of fun with the original Big Sky, Boss Baddie's space flight of fancy through randomly-generated levels with tons of upgrades and a lovely drilling feature. There was always that feeling, however, that something more could be done with it. Clearly the dev felt the same way, and a sequel has been released which adds far too much extra stuff for its own good.

Really Big Sky sees you flying through space, shooting down enemies, drilling through planets and dying many times over thanks to a one-hit insta-death system. However, each time you play you'll earn upgrade points which can then be spent on a variety of different power-ups and upgrades for your ship, meaning that a few hours later, you've got a proper beefy blaster and you're getting much further through space.

Enemy placement, obstacles and everything else are randomly generated so that each time you play it feels slightly different. This is all featured in the original Big Sky, but here's where the extra bits come in - you've now got seven different game modes to play through (compared to the original one), four player co-op, new weapons to try out, 20 achievements to keep you pushing onwards, a real tutorial so you're not left in the dark about what you're meant to be doing, and plenty of other stuff too.

To top it all off, a cockney voice-over provides moments of hilarity, while all of your play stats are stored with in-depth insight into how you're doing. If you already played Big Sky, note that this is really Big Sky 1.5 more than a 'real' sequel, but it's still worth checking out if you enjoyed the first. If you didn't sample the original game, however, this is definitely worth checking out. Make sure to download the demo from the official site.

(Note that the above trailer is a bit long and tedious - jump to 1:45 to see the actual game in action.)