Satazius is a Gradius-style scrolling shooter created by accomplished indie developer Dark Hell Company (Demolition Gunner, Sonic Ironstorm), featuring the usual array of weapons, power-ups, obstacles and boss encounters that many arcade veterans have come to expect from their favorite Japanese shmup game designers. Players can switch between a choice of two side weapons at any time during a mission, and the X key can be pressed to launch your charged attack for some massive destruction on screen.

There are plenty of enemies to shoot at, tight spaces to navigate, power-up items to collect and bonuses to acquire - much like an old-school shmup really. You have two difficulty settings to choose from, and up to nine continues to use if you need a bit of a helping hand to overcome a tricky section in a stage or defeat a particularly difficult end-level boss.

The trial version that's up for download contains only two levels to play with - the full game doesn't seem to be available to purchase online yet.