A little earlier today, Ramiro Corbetta alerted me to something I should have known about a while back. It seems that the Silent Barn was rather brutally robbed earlier this month. According to this article on Brooklyn Vegan, doors had been ripped off the hinges, furniture had been ripped to shreds and everything in the venue was 'strewn about in a sea of debris'. 7 years of accumulated equipment, tools and artwork were during the burglary.

For those of you uncertain as to how this has any relation to the indie gaming scene, The Silent Barn was one of the venues utilized for BabyCastles, an awesome forum that has showcased a multitude of indiegames on old-school arcade machines. In short, it's been pretty awesome to the scene. It's also been pretty awesome to the other scenes and in spite of the recent blow, they're looking to rebuild.

At the rate it's going, I doubt that they're going to have any trouble hitting their target. However, it doesn't hurt to be sure. So, for those of you interested in donating, you can check out their Kickstarter here.