Robots Love Ice Cream is a Unity 3D project that Burton and Becca Posey are currently developing for the iPad and iPhone, and they need your assistance to fund their efforts and pay for the additional development costs that will be incurred in the coming months.

In the game you play as an ice cream truck driver tasked with defending the galaxy from space invaders, using a variety of weaponized ice cream delicacies to halt the invasion and save mankind. The developers have cited Missile Command and UN Squadron as their main inspirations for Robots Love Ice Cream, and they've roped in music composers Disasterpeace (Puzzle Agent 2, Cat Astro Phi, Rescue: the Beagles) and MisfitChris to help write the soundtrack for the title.

The Kickstarter funding project ends tomorrow, and only half the amount requested had been pledged - if you have a couple of dollars to spare then do consider helping the couple wth their first original commercial title under their newly-formed company Addo Games. A free download of Robots Love Ice Cream is offered to backers who pledge $10 or more.