Along with Team Meat's second, "feature length" game that's currently in production, the developer's Edmund McMillen has been working on another side project after the release and success of Super Meat Boy, which he revealed today with the title The Binding of Isaac.

It's meant to be a roguelike and a play on his favorite game of all time, though he doesn't name that particular title. The Binding of Isaac isn't an official Team Project, as McMillen has decided to team up with Florian Himsl (Tri-Achnid, Coil) and Danny Baranowsky (Canabalt).

McMillen will offer more details on The Binding of Isaac, which will be "a much smaller game than Super Meat Boy", next week, and intends to have it completed in about a month.

[via Joystiq - this post originally appeared on GameSetWatch and was written by Eric Caoili.]