Modelled after the widely-successful Artsy Games Incubator, The Hand Eye Society is organizing an event called The Difference Engine Initiative, where two separate game making incubators for women will be held in Toronto this coming August and November. Applications are accepted starting this month and participation is free, but to be considered for the incubator program you'd need to have forwarded your interest in joining before July 31st.

Each incubator will have a maximum of six participants, and there will be a three-hour session once a week for six weeks. All those who have been successfully accepted will be receiving guidance and advice from experienced game developers, as well as given the necessary tools to learn how to make games without dabbling too much into programming.

Participants are also required to complete and submit assignments between sessions, and these activities are expected to take around two to four hours to finish. Selected incubator games wil be included in the WIFT showcase in December.

You can find out more about The Difference Engine Initiative at The Hand Eye Society's official site.