City Tuesday is the story of a man who is stuck in the same five minutes, and must replay them over and over again until he is able to stop a terrorist attack that threatens to blow up the city.

Described as an 'open world platformer', your job is to slowly but surely learn the layout of the city, find all the positions of the bombs, and then work out a way to stop them going off. Maybe you can get some people to help you - but who's going to believe a crazy guy who says he's stuck in a time loop? Or perhaps you can stop the terrorists yourself... but how can you get to all those places in just five minutes?

With it's unique art style, City Tuesday is due for release sometime in the next couple of months on Xbox Live Indie Games. Developer Chris Zukowski hopes that it will be chosen to be featured as part of the Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising.

city tuesday.jpg