Coming to PSN later this year and Steam in early 2012, ibb and obb is a co-op platformer that requires players work together to tackle a variety of obstacles and enemies. Players can dive through the floor and walk upside down, allowing them to kill enemies from below and allow the other player to progress.

It sounds like a familiar concept that has been done numerous times before, but watch the above video and you'll start to get an idea of how ibb and obb may well be something a little bit different. The key idea is that momentum is kept when falling through the floor, so if you jump off a high ledge (or your friend), you can launch yourself onto a ligher area below the surface.

There's also a single player mode that sees one player controlling both characters using the dual sticks on the PS3 controller, although developer Richard says that "it's pretty hard and only for those who like to give their brain a solid workout". As far as co-op gaming goes, looks like it's going to be fun! Check out the official site for more details.