Back in February, I remember being enchanted with one of the IGF Nuovo entries. Less a game and more an interactive piece of digital horticulture, Bohm had been a surprisingly lovely find amidst the chaos of GDC 2011. I haven't heard anything of the game since then but it seems that Monobanda has not been resting on their laurels.

A few days ago, Monobanda's Niki Smit brought their latest endeavor to my attention. Entitled Project Mimicry, the company's newest project is a rather literal intepretation of the concept of sandbox games. While I would rattle on about Mimicry, it might be more prudent to watch the trailer.

Project Mimicry really is a charming twist to the whole idea of augmented realities but I can't help but wonder about the trouble pet owners might find themselves in if they were purchase the game and all the peripherals, if you know what I mean.

Those interested in the game should probably check it out here on the official website.