Platformance 2 expands on the original concept, with a whole new castle to navigate and many, many more tools of death that will destroy you over and over again. You are an adventurer on a quest to save the busty beauty from her prison, and depending on the difficulty level you choose, this is going to prove tricky, very tricky, or controller-breakingly tricky.

The idea is that the entire game is just one huge level which weaves in and out of itself - the floor of each area is then the ceiling of another later area. There are spikes, swinging blades, arrows, rapids, piranhas, bombs, fire, and much, much more. Temple Death feels a lot more beefy in terms of content that the original game, with lots of subtle changes to the level here and there as you ramp up the difficulty, and online highscore boards so you can check out just how rubbish you are at the game.

It's a dollar! 80 Microsoft Points, to be exact - and well worth it too. Grab Platformance: Temple Death from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Platformance 2 trailer