randomnine's Fear is Vigilance was originally a 2D brawler created for a past Ludum Dare competition, recently updated to include improved graphics and a couple of new bells and whistles for players who have not tried the original game. You take on the role of a charity worker named Marcy, tasked with distributing portable alarms to students of a local university. The problem is that the students aren't keen on carrying around an extra accessory with them, so it's up to the player to convince them otherwise by beating them senseless and striking fear into their hearts.

Similar to the classic NES title River City Ransom, you only have two moves at your disposal: a simple punch combo and a block attack that will break through just about any adversary's defence. Escaping via the edge of the screen will cause Marcy to appear on the opposite side of the street, and you can hide in the bushes at any time to avoid being chased by an angry mob.

Beating the game rewards players with the arcade mode, featuring four arenas to jump into and engage in more random violence to your heart's desire. Completing special objectives also present you with an achievement or two, and most of them have a fairly short description to explain how you can get around to earning the badges.

Fear is Vigilance is available to play at randomnine's site.