Lee-Lee's Quest is a polished 2D platformer made by Marcus Richert for Adult Swim, featuring colourful graphics, solid gameplay, and some spectacular voice acting work by Joshua Tomar. It's also very short, meaning that you can beat it in just a handful of minutes if you're pretty good at platformers.

Let's backtrack a little: as the protagonist of this story you'll be embarking on a journey to save an acquaintance who had just been kidnapped from the house you live in. Players will have to do a lot of stomping on enemies, avoid death from being impaled by spikes or cut in half by saw blades, and grabbing shovels for no other reason besides increasing their score count.

The highlight here is the voice acting - without it, Lee-Lee's Quest would have been a rather forgettable platformer that you wouldn't even think about twice after you've defeated the final boss. Even Marcus seems to admit it through his work, because the ending can hardly be called one with no resolution or a mention of what happened to Mr. Lee's friend.

The game is still entertaining enough to play through, and some of the banter between the characters are not to be missed. If you're up for a bit of amusement on a Friday morning, then Lee-Lee's Quest might just be the thing to fit the bill.