There is something unsettling about No Longer Subject to Judicial Review, a simplistic-looking entry in the Super Friendship Club's Justice Pageant.

No Longer Subject to Judicial Review consists primarily of a series of articles and a montage of photographs, each pertinent to the murder of a young mother and her two-year old daughter. The gameplay is simple. Read the articles presented in the game, come to a decisive conclusion and declare the evidence that points to the culprit. The game, based on decisions, will then sentence the most likely unfortunate to whatever fate awaits them.

According to the forum thread, the developer had wanted to convey his 'discomfort with the way crimes like murders, abductions etc tend to get reported'. I think he succeeded. My first playthrough resulted in a somewhat ambigious ending. The culprit I had selected had hung himself while in prison. There was no talk about whether I was right or wrong, nothing to bolster my confidence in my choice, a reflection of how nothing in the world is really black and white.

Of course, I could have gotten it horribly wrong and sentenced the wrong guy to death but hey, at least it's just a video game, right? Right?


To play, you can check it out here.