The Book of Living Magic is a strangely trippy jaunt into a world filled with unusual creatures, brilliant prose, pop-culture and visuals straight out of a child's fevered dreams. It's, in a word, awesome.

It also requires a lot of reading and the right kind of mind set; some of the stuff you find in it can be truly odd. Needless to say, it also requires a decent attention span. The spazzy needn't apply. As many people have stated before, one of the best things about the Book of Living Magic is the sheer amount of detail to be found within. From the smallest banana to the largest eyeball, almost everything within the game has a description. Granted, a lot of it can feel nonsensical up till the point you've properly submerged yourself in the game.

If you enjoy point & click adventures and have a thing for the unusual, go check this out. Really. Right now.

To play, head over here.