desktop dungeons.jpg
I spent a good portion of last night playing Desktop Dungeons. No, not that old freeware version (although that is still available to grab for free!). The beta for the superduper new version has been released, and all those who pre-order the game now have access to it.

It's really great getting back into the game again - a game which I still think is the Minesweeper of the 21st century - and definitely worth checking out if you've never done so. You can pre-order the game for $10, which is really a seriously low price for the amount of game you're getting.

The beta feature familiar gameplay to that found in the original free version, but with souped up visuals, more story-based play and lots more power-ups, gods etc. You've also got a village to run, and your hard-earned money can be used to upgrade the village, adding new buildings and characters classes. The game is also laid out in terms of quests now, with different criteria needed to complete each missions.

This could very well end up being indie game of the year, so make sure you're in on the action first and give it a buy now. Give our podcast with developer Rodain Joubert a listen while you're at it!