Ready for some exciting news? We've got first dibs on the next game from Cogs developer Lazy 8 Studios, and it's looking pretty swish. The team has created a fake organisation and is looking for recruits to apply - welcome to the world of Extrasolar.

The idea is that players can joins an expedition on the surface of the planet Epsilon Eridani e, helping the eXoplanetary Research Institute - or XRI for short - to search the depths of the universe from the comfort of your web browser. Taking control of small robots, you can send over commands to check out the surroundings, gather informations on the alien species inhabiting the planet, and uncover the secrets of the far-out solar system.

It sounds like the content with be dynamic and ever-changing, as the solar system's sun (suns?) lights up different parts of the planet and the moons drift around their orbits. We're told that each player will have a personalized experience based on when they play, and where they roam.

The big mystery of the planet will slowly be unlocked, with the hope that players will become engrossed in the story and want to keep exploring to find the truth. Lazy 8's Rob Jagnow explained that Extrasolar is less a game, and more "an interactive narrative experience", with an emphasis on providing content that is as far from repetitive as possible.

The game will apparently be ready in several months time, although you can already sign up now as an applicant - I'd wager there will be some form of beta period before then. Check out the official XRI site for all the intriguing details.