If you had been following the Kickstarter project that Mike Gnade had initiated to revive GameTunnel, then you'd be delighted to hear that the site is now back and ready to serve the needs of indie game developers everywhere. Founded by Russell Carroll in 2002, GameTunnel is one of the earliest sites on the internet that championed and provided coverage on indie games before they became mainstream in recent years.

Mike's plans for the new site includes the revival of the popular monthly round-up feature, ensuring that all articles are still free to read, and hiring writers to keep a constant flow of news and reviews posted up on a regular basis. The old round-ups and features are still there as well, and even the original site design has been maintained at this address so that you may relive nostalgic memories of how the indie games scene looked like before Minecraft took the world by storm.

Here's looking forward to another decade of indie game coverage excellence from GameTunnel.com.