The first Joe Danger is still one of my favourite PlayStation Network games. It's great for booting up when a friend is round, shoving the control in their hands and watching as they slowly get sucked into the combos, tricks, wheelies, coin lines, high scores... overall, I spent far too much time with that game, and I regret nothing.

Joe Danger: The Movie is the follow-up, announced a couple of weeks ago, and currently in development with no release date yet revealed. I sat down with Hello Games at Gamescom last week and played everything I could get my hands on. As developer Sean Murray told me in a Gamasutra interview, this is the game they wanted to originally make - alas, constraints got in the way.

This time around, they're going full force at it, and I fear for my well-being already. Joe Danger: The Movie takes the original biking concept, and sticks Joe into a variety of other scenarios with an expectant director watching on the sidelines. Over the course of my play, I was on skis, then I was in a minecart, and even in a tank. Oh, and a jetpack.

The original premise is the still there - you're still moving along a series of straight planes, ducking under barriers and jumping over obstacles, but things are a lot more hectic this time around. One moment I was bouncing over grenades that were being lobbed at me, and the next I was zipping through a busy street, smashing into cars every time I tried to change lane.

Then it was off to the mountains, where I was defusing bombs and stopping rocket launches by landing on them with my skis. Obviously. As someone who played the original game for one too many hours, it's surprising how fresh The Movie actually is, considering that it doesn't stray too much from what made the first game so much fun.

The jetpack was the most interesting addition. Essentially, you can't crash of your own accord - spinning upside-down and landing on the floor head-first does nothing, but rather you need to smash into spikes or the like to die. It feels completely different to control too, with the boost needed to reach up to high areas and over obstacles. Different, but in a good way - I definitely want to give it more of a try.

Some levels also feature a new way of interacting with the AI characters. Rather than simply racing against other bikers, you'll also be acting as a cop and chasing them down before they can reach the end of the level. Once you're level with one of your victims, you can then smash them off with a satisfying swing, and continue the chase.

Fans of the original Joe Danger will no doubt have this on their radars, and with good reason. For more details on what to expect, I'd suggest you race over to read my Gamasutra interview - it's a really eye-opening read.