Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source).

PC Gamer: This week's best free games
"There's some fairly substantial free gaming goodness to discuss this week, Most notable is Dead Cyborg, a fully-fledged 3D adventure game with an oppressive atmosphere to rival the darkest professional releases. Elsewhere, you can manage a sweatshop, shout the word 'balls' at an MP, and change the adventure genre from the inside out."

Experimental Gameplay Project: Disintegrate Roundup
"This month is a testament to the creativity of the community - there were lots of interesting interpretations of the theme and some very experimental ideas, not only did we get death by disintegration, but also melting ice blocks, fireflies following, and even a game that disintegrates its own mechanics."

Gamasutra: A Critical Look At Canada's Incentives Model
"Canada is famous for tax breaks and other forms of support for the major publishers, but can and should the country do more to build up the indie movement?"

reddit: ask the developers of the Humble Indie Bundle 3 games anything
"We are almost all the game developers behind the Humble Indie Bundle 3 games: Felix Bohatsch and Andy Schmoll (And Yet It Moves), Rob Jagnow and Brendan Mauro (Cogs), Ryan Gordon (Hammerfight), Terry Cavanagh, Petri Purho and Jeffrey Rosen."

GameSpot: Journey Music Played By Golden State Pops Orchestra
"The Golden State Pops Orchestra played an arrangement of Journey's music called 'Woven Variations'. Journey composer Austin Wintory wrote the piece specifically for the concert. Tina Guo, the cellist for the game, is also featured in the orchestra rocking the cello."

Indie Games Channel: Alejandro González on Raventhorne
"With weeks to go before Indie Games Summer Uprising, I was able to talk to Alejandro González about Milkstone's contribution to the event, the promotion itself, and Milkstone's other contributions to Xbox LIVE Indie Games."

Destructoid: HandCircus' next big thing, Okabu
"With a successful mobile title and a sequel under its belt, HandCircus is setting its sights on consoles for the first time. The result is the upcoming PlayStation Network title, Okabu, a charming cooperative experience that oozes the studio's now distinct style."

Gaming Irresponsibly: Ed McMillen Interview
"Recently we sat down with Team Meat's Ed McMillen to discuss his new project, The Binding of Isaac. McMillen is an honest and unique individual - his work clearly demonstrates this. For The Binding of Isaac, we got exactly what we hoped for: honest, but raw answers that reveal the creative genius behind the man."