Extreme Road Trip, originally released as a browser game a couple of months ago, is now available to download for free for iPhone. It's a pretty simple game about balancing score against risk, yet it's also incredibly addictive.

Your car is constantly moving along, and by tilting your iPhone you can make the car wheelie on each set of tyres. As you go over a jump, you can then spin in the air and perform stunts to build up your nitro bar, allowing you to get more speed for the next jump and launch even higher. The catch is that you have limited fuel, and once that runs out, it's game over. Hence, collecting as much nitro as possible is essential.

Top it off with music from SoulEye, and you've got yourself a winner! You can download the game for free from the App Store now. The original browser game is also still available - in fact, it was recently updated with some extra fixes and menus.