Here's an upcoming action puzzler that with a dark side - you are A Virus Named Tom, and you've been released into a world of robots and technology to shut them all down. Via a series of grids, you're left to switch and flip pieces around, creating a clear path for the virus to spread.

While the first batch of levels appear to be pretty simple - at least from what the trailer shows anyway - the game soon ramps up the heat and you'll need to plan your routes appropriately if you want to dodge all the security systems that are trying to end your life. The most intriguing aspect for me is the multiplayer, as both the co-op and versus elements look like a ton of fun. Let's just hope it's online multiplayer and not just local!

The game is penned for a release later this year, and the dev team hopes to fire out PC, XBLA and PSN versions. Check out the official site for more details, and jump below the cut for a video that shows the multiplayer in a little more depth.