indiePub award-winner Catapult For Hire will soon hit the beta stages, so developer Tyrone Henrie has begun cranking the marketing machine, with this first in a series of How Tos for the game.

What he's trying to convey is the fact that Catapult For Hire isn't merely another catapult game. Ohhh no, ladies and gentleman, this isn't 3D Crush the Castle. This is so much more... well, that's what he says! In this first video, we catch an elongated glimpse of how the fishing minigames works.

Skimming the official site for the game, I also spot target ranges, firing cannon balls through hoops, and moving through solid objects all ghost-like. There are plenty of other elements on show in the last trailer too. We shall, of course, let you know when the game is available.