After being stranded for a day or so without the all-mighty Internet, I'm back with something that may be of interest to science-fiction fans. Those who were less than impressed with Hard Reset might find reason to rejoice in J.U.L.I.A, an indie adventure from Cardboard Box Entertainment.

The premise behind J.U.L.I.A is one that would probably be familiar to any science-fiction fan. Somewhere in the distance future, a scientist of a currently unknown discipline is awakened by the ship's eponymous A.I. Alone, the protagonist must piece together what happened to her fellow crew mates and accomplish this with the assistance of her mechanical compatriots.

Familiar? Yes. Still, judging by the article from Adventure Gamers, it looks like J.U.L.I.A has far more depth than might be implicated by its basic concept. Due for release sometime in the third or fourth quarter of the year, J.U.L.I.A definitely looks worth playing.

Official site can be found here.

[Source: Adventure Gamers]