Legend of Grimrock is the first title from the newly-formed indie game development team who call themselves Almost Human Ltd. - a group of four industry veterans with the experience of working on games like Alan Wake and Shattered Horizon. They're aiming to have LoG ready for release sometime before the end of 2011 for these three platforms first: Windows, Mac and iOS (ports will be considered after the project is completed).

The graphics are eye-popping to say the least, and fans of RPG classics like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder series will be delighted to see the inclusion of tile-based movement and an old-school combat system right out of the '80s. One thing I'm worried about is the variety of enemies that the initial release of LoG is set to feature: fifteen does sound like a ridiculously small number, and it could mean the exclusion of our favorite dungeon fiends like the skeletons, beholders and fire-breathing dragons. Well, at least there'll be ogres and fiery-looking creatures ready to greet our party of adventurers inside the corridors of the rocky labyrinth.

It's still early days though, and being the first trailer I'm sure that Almost Human will put out more information and videos as the game gets closer to its intended release date.