Stellar Impact bears more than a passing resemblance to EvE Online, something that may or may not work in the game's favor. The debut title from French development studio Tindalos Interactives, Stellar Impact is a gorgeous PC-only online multiplayer game.

Based on their forum thread over at TIGsource, it seems as though Tindalos Interactives is looking to target fans of the MOBA and RTS genre. I'm not really sure as to how well it'd work out, though. As much as the idea of spaceships and frenetic DotA-styled gameplay tickles my fancy, I'm uncertain as to how well it can be pulled off. Will it be your generic DotA game dressed up with rockets or will it be something deliciously unique?

The one thing that throws me off about the whole shindig is the 14.95 Euro price tag. It's definitely on the pricy side, all things taken into consideration. Still, the developers have offered ten free games upon registration; you'll have plenty of time to decide as to whether you want to buy the game or not.

Official website can be found here.