The Artist is Present is an odd recreation of a performance piece by Marina Abramović, where the artist sits still in the center of a museum's atrium while visitors take turn occupying the seat on the opposite end of a table. Getting into the museum in the first place is a puzzle in itself, although clever players should be able to overcome that problem via a rather unconventional method just by reading the sign and thinking through it.

The game itself is essentially a queue simulator presented in Sierra-style graphics: waiting for your turn with the artist takes an awfully long time to happen, and if you miss your opportunity then someone else will be more than happy to take your place. Fortunately your browser window can be kept open and the game won't lose focus, else your computer will have to be left idle for quite a while if you want an audience with the main attraction of the museum.

I've yet to reach the end of the queue myself so I can't really say whether the experience is worth the wait, but if performance art is your thing then you can check out The Artist is Present at this link.