entree.jpg If you are under-aged, easily perturbed by the risque, do not enjoy choose-your-own-adventure games, or, in any way, have issues with words like 'lesbian dating sim with BDSM elements', you should probably stop here. The Case of the Vanishing Entree is not for you.

For everyone else, Anna Anthropy's visceral offering will likely be an interesting albeit uncomfortable shock to the system. It is explicit. It is dirty. It is very, very graphic. In a textual sort of way, of course. There are no graphics here. You won't have to worry about someone asking you why you're staring at random work-inappropriate images. It's a game about dating and carnal delights that was written by 'people who actually understand human desire and interaction'.

I had found The Case of the Vanishing Entree earlier today on my twitter feed, courtesy of Gnome's Lair. Somewhat skeptical of the whole affair but intrigued, nonetheless, I had checked it out. I think I'm glad I did. I'm not sure. I just found the second ending and I'm rather freaked out by the surprise twists.

That said, feel free to check it out. Bear in mind, it's somewhat NSFW and even though there are no graphics, you probably do not want to be caught playing this in the office.

The Case of the Vanishing Entree can be found here.