You may feel deja vu while reading this post. I posted about The elemite earlier this month, but as it turned out, I was a little trigger-happy, as the game wasn't ready to go yet! Now it's been fully released and ready for your consumption.

Thelemite is the first release from newly indified developer Mikolaj Kaminski, and it's damn good fun. You are a bored programmer who decides to sign up for medical testing, and is soon a mutant ninja who can run up walls, jump ridiculous heights and smash into enemies to kill them. So basically 2D Prototype.

There's a story to it all which is actually pretty amusing, and it feels wonderfully powerful to smash your way up a building or set off your special ability to destroy a line of enemies in one go. The dev has even gone as far as to register the website mentioned in the game - feel free to check it out!

The game is available to play over at Newgrounds.