Aero Flux is a Dodonpachi-inspired vertical shooter that has been in production for several years, and a short demo with three playable levels was released recently for the public to try out. Created using the Game Maker engine, Aero Flux features a two player co-operative mode, multiple difficulty settings, customizable controls, upgradeable weapons (based on the experience points accumulated), smart bombs, a combo scoring system, and your usual array of boss enemies to defeat at the end of each stage.

You start out with just two bombs at your disposal, although more can be earned by dodging and grazing bullets to charge the pink gauge at the bottom of the screen. A smart bomb is added to your stock when this bar is filled up. The bomb also saves you from losing a life when your ship is hit by a bullet, although this option won't work when your bomb count is depleted.

The Aero Flux demo is available to download from this page.