Doppler is an arcade avoidance game set on the surface of an alien planet: you play as Professor Foehn, tasked by his colleagues to collect rainwater samples under a stormy weather for research. To make your assignment a bit more difficult, the clouds in the sky have strangely solidified and are falling to the ground, so you'll have to dodge them too while trying to scoop up whatever liquid you can get your hands on before they dissipate.

The umbrella that you carry can be used to travel quickly from one spot to another - just pop it open with the Z key at any time, and the professor will move twice as fast in the direction that the wind is blowing to. You'll lose a tiny fraction of the water that you've collected if you are hit by any falling object, but the area that they will land on are always marked by their shadows a few seconds before impact.

Doppler (Windows only) is available to download from here.