Netpack is a roguelike implementation of Namco's arcade classic Pac-Man, modified by Jamey to include turn-based movement, combat, character stats, and an inventory system to keep track of the fruits you've collected. The game features a fixed number of levels in the main campaign to play with (and no procedural generation), but there are two additional modes that do add a bit of replay value to the package as a whole.

You still go around the maze eating pellets while trying to avoid being caught by the ghosts, although players will now have to use the ladder that appears in the middle of the screen to escape once they've cleared a level of every single pellet to be found. The fruits can be consumed for temporary powers too: cherries explode and kill nearby ghosts, pears stop the flow of time, bananas reward with you extra experience points, and strawberries are useful for teleporting you out of a trapped position.

Netpack is currently available for Windows only, but Jamey plans to release the Linux port sometime in the coming weeks.