Was that an art game I just played? If so, where were the 16-bit graphics? Jokes aside, Cardboard Computer's Ruins is a lot prettier than your average art game. Set within an eerie, dream-like landscape filled with fog, barren trees and random pieces of architecture, Ruins is, according to the website, 'a game about a dog chasing rabbits'.

Now, if this were your average title, this would probably be where you hunt fluffy white things for high scores. However, given that Ruins is an art game, you'll find yourself tracking down bunnies to have conversations with them instead. Well. Sort of, anyway. You won't so much chase rabbits as you will sedately saunter up to them. Upon reaching a certain proximity, you'll find yourself triggering snippets of conversation, conversations you can influence by selecting one of two responses whenever the option to do so pops up.

And well, that's pretty much it. It looks like there are multiple playthroughs that will allow you to investigate the story further but for the most part, life in Ruins consists of you having a disjointed talk with a sad, intangible force somewhere. I have my suspicions as to what the full story might be but given the marshmellowy state of my animal activist heart, I'll let sleeping dogs lie.

All said and done, Ruins was a rather charming albeit melancholy experience. If you're remotely inclined towards art games, you might want to give this one a look.

Official website can be found here.