Do you have a sense of humor? Good. Read on. Do you like Harry Potter? Continue at your own discretion. Do you hate Harry Potter? Definitely check this out. Warthogs is a border-line offensive parody of J.K Rowlings' much-loved franchise. In Warthogs, you play as the alcoholic Larry Lotter, a typical example of a student that has taken partying too far. Awakened from a drunken stupor, you find yourself scrambling belatedly to the last of your finals. Unsurprisingly, you then proceed to bomb it.

Fortunately, you have a destiny to fulfill and after an encounter with a mysterious presence, you found yourself with the ability to turn back time in order to orchestrate a triumph over your final examinations. If you think all this sounds ridiculous, it is. Warthogs had me snickering incessantly, something that always bodes well for a parody game. Since it was first released sometime back in December 2006, Warthogs has been translated into 5 different languages, a mute testament to the amount of people who enjoyed it.

Seriously, though. Go check out the game. It's free, funny and fabulous. It's also borderline ancient but hey, the best games age like wine, right?