The next game from Ace Team is now available to Xbox 360 owners, and will be up on Steam next Wednesday. It's called Rock of Ages, and it's highly probable that the team took the name and then built the game around it - because you are literally a rock rolling through the ages.

Here's the jist of it: you have a huge rock with a smiley face on it, and the enemy has a castle with a solid, wooden door. You roll the rock around winding paths with nasty drops on either side, smashing through the enemy's defences before crashing into the door at the end. However, the enemy is also doing the same to you, and hence, between each roll, you need to also put up your own defences, be it small towers to slow their rock down, or war elephants to push it off the edge, or... well, there are tons of things you can do really.

The more defences they have to smash through, the weaker their rock will be, and by the time it reaches your door, it will do minimal damage. It's seriously good fun, especially splitscreen when playing head-to-head against a friend. For the single player, there's a huge campaign to play through, with hilarious cutscenes that show you battling through various key points in the history of the human race (and mythology).

Well worth grabbing, especially for the 800 MS Points price tag. You can download now from the Xbox Live Marketplace.