indiepub.jpgZoo Entertainment's online independent gaming community IndiePub has announced the development of its own publishing platform, that will focus solely on indie gaming titles.

Launching later this year, the IndiePub publishing platform will be an indies-only service, and aims to be "Steam for indies."

The cross-platform service will integrate social networking capabilities, and aims to sell iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Flash titles.

IndiePub VP David Reynolds explained, "The new indiePub marketplace will give indie developers a way to tap into the growing multi-billion dollar digital download market and make money with their games by combining innovative crowd-sourced marketing with unique developer-controlled distribution tools."

"Instead of a site telling them how, when and for how much to sell their games, indiePub will enable publishers to independently control these without limiting distribution to only one or two platforms. We're working to make indiePub run on any device that can download apps."

IndiePub is not the only upcoming indie gaming distribution service. IndieCity was announced earlier this year from Blitz Games Studios.