Can we please have this, Internet? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? I might have a bit of an addiction to Kairosoft but don't you think Star Command looks like it'd be a kick ass addition to the mobile platform?

In a nutshell, Star Command is X-Com, Game Dev Story and the Sims all rolled into one. It has aliens. It also will give you the ability to build your own ship and by build, I don't mean just outfit it with guns. Building here, it seems, will include the ability to do anything from creating facilities for research and exploration to designing entertainment areas for visiting emissaries. You can even have cross-cultural exchanges and hire little green men for your crew.

I'm utterly smitten with the idea behind this. The Kickstarter project is at $15, 675 out of the $20, 000 that they need so it's likely that they will succeed but hey, if you have a dollar to spare towards increasing the certainty of things, do feel free to throw it at them!

Kickstarter site can be found here.